Zarttech Headquarters, Netherlands

Zarttech Headquarters, Netherlands

In our May – June 2023 edition, we liaised with Mr Nelson Ajulo, the chief executive officer of Nigeria’s finest recruiting institution for the tech space, Zarttech. During the interview, Mr Ajulo spotlighted the institution’s role in the global market, the essence of information technology and its initiative towards developing tech skills for women across Nigeria.

Mr Nelson T. Ajulo is the chief executive officer and founder of Zarttech. He is a seasoned executive with over 12 years of experience in technology, extensive leadership, operations, and management.

Marketing and Communications Lead for AfricaMiracle Ewim-Ezechi attending a tech event in Lagos, Nigeria

Marketing and Communications Lead for Africa, Miracle Ewim-Ezechi attending a tech event in Lagos, Nigeria

Having served as chairman, CEO, and president of several significant multinationals, his expertise spans various aspects of leveraging technology to address social inequalities and business leadership sustainably. He has garnered diverse experience by working in continents worldwide, such as Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

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