Three horsemen at the city gate, Maiduguri

Maiduguri: A trace of history

Maiduguri, the capital of Borno, is called the home of peace. Situated in the northeastern part of Nigeria, it is home to a population of about eight hundred and twenty-two people and its inhabitants include the Kanuri, Shuwa Arabs, Hausa Bura, Fulani and a handful of southerners. It is also close to the Ngadda river.

Mobee Museum, Badagry

A trip to Mobee museum, Badagry

Badagry is a coastal town filled with rich history and tasty coconuts. It borders Nigerian and Benin Republic and is located forty-three miles southwest of Lagos. The area is located on the north bank of Porto Novo Creek, an inland waterway that connects Lagos to the Beninese capital, of Porto Novo and is bordered by