Izuchuwku of Zuny Label

Fashion by Zuny Label.

Izuchukwu Udokwu is a Nigerian fashion designer and storyteller. He is the creative director of Izu Udokwu, a fashion brand that creates artful luxury pieces and tells important stories through the pieces. He is also the founder of Zuny Label. His wears vary from casual to exotic, amplifying luxury in every detail. Zuny Labels is

Adetoke Olowu of SGTC clothing

Redefining Ankara fashion

Adetoke Oluwo is the creative director of SGTC Clothing. A UK-trained screenwriter with over eight years of TV and media experience in Lagos, Oluwo decided to start the business due to the traction she gained when she wore an Ankara dress. She is said to be redefining Ankara fashion. In 2016, she wore a dress