Ikenna Ogbenta moved to the United Kingdom in September 2022 in pursuit of a master’s degree. He has lived in various places in Nigeria and sees himself as a collector of memory. He is from Imo, Nigeria. For our May-June 2023 edition of Echoes from Abroad, we spoke to Ikenna.

“I’m from Imo state, but I have lived in several places including Enugu, Owerri, and Lagos. Generally, my best memory in Nigeria revolves around friends who are majorly creative. I enjoyed every bit of time with them at the beach, exhibitions, fashion, music and art events.

I moved to the UK in September 2022, in pursuit of a master’s degree programme. I am currently studying and working. Living in London feels like living in Lagos for me: the fast life and rush is particularly giving Lagos vibes, but it comes with cold, decency and proper organisation. What I like about London is that it gives you an opportunity to become and get better in every aspect of life, especially financially.

The United Kingdom came into existence as a result of the union of England and Scotland. Generally the atmosphere is one that encourages productivity. As a student living in the UK, I’ve been able to get a decent job with accommodation and live quite a comfortable life.

I miss Nigerian food and how accessible restaurants are. I miss friends and the ability to have spare time to meet up with family. I miss the sense of communal living in Nigeria and how there is always something exciting happening. I hope to visit Nigeria soon and see the great developments that have happened since my move abroad.”

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