Debby Felix is a Nigerian actress, filmmaker, writer, and businesswoman known for her famous role in the movie titled

“Another Time,” produced by Uduak Isong for Closer Pictures. It was the film that catapulted her to fame after she played the lead role

Since her breakthrough, she has appeared in numerous films including The Mystic River, Twin Souls, Backline, Dinner at my Place, Africa Magic’s Unbroken, Ehi’s Butters, Ricordi, and Growing Pain. We had the opportunity to chat with Debby Felix, for our March – April 2023 edition.

Debby Felix

Debby Felix, Nollywood actress

What’s your current assessment of Nollywood?

” Nollywood has actually improved. Young people like me and some of my colleagues are now given the ability to showcase our talent to the world. We have great stories, better cinematography, beautiful costumes, and better platforms that are gradually helping to promote Nigerian culture and the film industry”

You played Jasmine in the series, “Ricordi”. What resonates with you the most about the character?

“Well, Jasmine is a goal-getter, just as I am.”

What’s your most memorable experience on a film set?

“I have several memorable moments, I can’t place one above the other, but I would tell you about one of them. It was the time I had to film “The Mystic River” in a forest with no reception for two months.”

What legacy would you like to leave in the Nollywood film industry?

“I’m not sure what my legacy would be, but I certainly want to leave a good one. Then maybe I can be on the wall frames of young women. I would also love to have meaningful and influential articles written about me.”

How will your career evolve in the net five years?

“In the next five years, I certainly won’t be introducing myself to anyone.”

Our March-April edition.

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