Izuchukwu Udokwu is a Nigerian fashion designer and storyteller. He is the creative director of Izu Udokwu, a fashion brand that creates artful luxury pieces and tells important stories through the pieces.
He is also the founder of Zuny Label. His wears vary from casual to exotic, amplifying luxury in every detail. Zuny Labels is the desire for individuals to feel at home in their skin while exuding elegance.
Here are some collections by Zuny Label
Zuny Label

Collection by Zuny Label










The Butterfly by Zuny Label

This is a classic two-piece representation.


Collection by Zuny Label

Collection by Zuny Label










The Bodies by Zuny Label

This two-piece is exquisite for men.

You can see even more collections by Zuny Label, in our May – June 2023 edition here.

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