An artist

Art with Patience Ayanda

Patience Ayanda is a visual artist that lives and works in Lagos She is an artist whose preferred medium is painting. She started painting as a child and earned a bachelor’s degree in history and international studies from the University of Ilorin in 2018. Here is an artwork by Patience Ayanda        

Adetoke Olowu of SGTC clothing

Redefining Ankara fashion

Adetoke Oluwo is the creative director of SGTC Clothing. A UK-trained screenwriter with over eight years of TV and media experience in Lagos, Oluwo decided to start the business due to the traction she gained when she wore an Ankara dress. She is said to be redefining Ankara fashion. In 2016, she wore a dress

Mobee Museum, Badagry

A trip to Mobee museum, Badagry

Badagry is a coastal town filled with rich history and tasty coconuts. It borders Nigerian and Benin Republic and is located forty-three miles southwest of Lagos. The area is located on the north bank of Porto Novo Creek, an inland waterway that connects Lagos to the Beninese capital, of Porto Novo and is bordered by

Debby Felix

Meet Debby Felix

Debby Felix is a Nigerian actress, filmmaker, writer, and businesswoman known for her famous role in the movie titled “Another Time,” produced by Uduak Isong for Closer Pictures. It was the film that catapulted her to fame after she played the lead role Since her breakthrough, she has appeared in numerous films including The Mystic