Izuchuwku of Zuny Label

Fashion by Zuny Label.

Izuchukwu Udokwu is a Nigerian fashion designer and storyteller. He is the creative director of Izu Udokwu, a fashion brand that creates artful luxury pieces and tells important stories through the pieces. He is also the founder of Zuny Label. His wears vary from casual to exotic, amplifying luxury in every detail. Zuny Labels is

Nollywood's Melvin Oduah

Melvin Oduah chats with Malimbe

Melvin Oduah is an award-winning actor model and presenter. His prominence in entertainment started when he contested for Gulder Ultimate Search 6 in 2009 and emerged as the first runner-up. In 2015, he was nominated as the most promising actor at the City People Awards. Melvin also has several special recognition awards in his collection. 5 questions for

Three horsemen at the city gate, Maiduguri

Maiduguri: A trace of history

Maiduguri, the capital of Borno, is called the home of peace. Situated in the northeastern part of Nigeria, it is home to a population of about eight hundred and twenty-two people and its inhabitants include the Kanuri, Shuwa Arabs, Hausa Bura, Fulani and a handful of southerners. It is also close to the Ngadda river.

Olanase Elijah

Artist focus: Olanase Elijah

  Olanase Elijah is a visual artist. He focuses on abstract painting, both figurative and portraiture. He tells Malimbe he aims to always create unique art. He adds: “The purpose of my works is to touch people’s lives positively.” Elijah is the winner of the 2022 Award of Excellence in India. He has participated in

Zarttech CEO

Tech business with Mr. Ajulo

In our May – June 2023 edition, we liaised with Mr Nelson Ajulo, the chief executive officer of Nigeria’s finest recruiting institution for the tech space, Zarttech. During the interview, Mr Ajulo spotlighted the institution’s role in the global market, the essence of information technology and its initiative towards developing tech skills for women across

An artist

Art with Patience Ayanda

Patience Ayanda is a visual artist that lives and works in Lagos She is an artist whose preferred medium is painting. She started painting as a child and earned a bachelor’s degree in history and international studies from the University of Ilorin in 2018. Here is an artwork by Patience Ayanda        

Adetoke Olowu of SGTC clothing

Redefining Ankara fashion

Adetoke Oluwo is the creative director of SGTC Clothing. A UK-trained screenwriter with over eight years of TV and media experience in Lagos, Oluwo decided to start the business due to the traction she gained when she wore an Ankara dress. She is said to be redefining Ankara fashion. In 2016, she wore a dress